The Data Science Education market in India to grow from US$103 Million in 2020 to US$626 Million by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 43% during the period.

According to the analysis, the on-campus data science education market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 42.59% from US$48.2 million in 2019 to US$386.5 million in 2025. While off-campus or online courses include executive programs and online certifications, the market for online programs is predicted to grow from US$26.15 million to US$239.6 million, at a CAGR of 45.39%.

Big data analytics is critical in today’s business landscape assisting enterprises in improving business, decision-making, and providing a competitive advantage over competitors. As more and more organizations are producing voluminous amounts of data and seeking effective data processing to derive meaningful insights, the demand for data professionals is taking an upward trend. Career opportunities in big data have exponentially grown in the last few years and this current demand for qualified data professionals is just the beginning. India is one of the leading destinations to recruit employees in the field of data analytics.

With an ever-growing volume of big data across diverse industries, the demand for big data analytics professionals in enterprises is multiplying exponentially. In 2020, there were 62,793 open job opportunities in big data analytics. As the accessibility of data will help organizations to reap significant benefits from it, the number of big data open job opportunities will grow exponentially to reach 1,37,630 by 2025.

To land a career in this sphere, aspirants require comprehensive big data skills. These include analytical skills, data visualization, programming, data mining, familiarity with technologies, along with business domain and big data tools. Also, problem-solving skills and hands-on experience can be advantageous. A growing number of institutes offer big data courses under Bachelor’s, Masters, and Ph.D. degrees on campus and off-campus or online.

In on-campus big data programs, there are majorly three courses Bachelor’s, Masters and Ph.D. Most institutes also offer executive programs under on-campus mode. Executive programs in big data involve post-graduate programs, management programs, MBA, integrated programs, and certifications.

The Indian government has been proactively taking initiatives to boost big data education in India. Taking cognizance of the imperativeness of big data, the Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Education have taken relevant steps that can foster big data and artificial intelligence in higher education. These steps have been formulated to sustain and accelerate the digital transformation process across India. Meanwhile, several initiatives have been started, to support the education of big data and data analytics.