Onlyfans Alternatives: 13 Sites Like Onlyfans For Adult-content Creators

Sites like Onlyfans where you could create adult videos and sell subscriptions to your fans.

Onlyfans is an amazing website but it have many bugs or problems and adult content creators are uncertain about the platform future so we have mentioned

A number of Onlyfans alternatives or sites like Onlyfans where you as an adult content creator can join and start making money.

A rising number of individuals are looking to content production to make money. But, even if you’re searching for a second income or a full-time job as an adult influencer, several platforms can help you get there. Platforms like Only Fans have surged in prominence as celebrities turn to tools to help them maintain their audience and promote their content.

Many creators are searching for possible sites like Onlyfans to safely use it as a potential Onlyfans alternative and make money. As a result, we have a listed number of platforms that should be added as potential Onlyfans Alternatives.

According to a BBC report, as some content creators on the platform use it for illegal sex videos and money trafficking, Onlyfans decided to stop letting Onlyfans creators upload adult or more sexual intense videos.

However, OnlyFans has chosen to remove the majority of the adult content from their site by implementing new Terms of Service, making it hard for their members to continue to post the stuff their followers have developed to anticipate. The revelation sent the whole business into a frenzy as individuals rushed to discover an alternative.

We also have a list in our Vocal account: 5 Sites like Onlyfans: Onlyfans Alternatives You Should Check out.

So, when it comes to content-sharing services, what else should you check for? Unfortunately, there seems to be no shortage of possibilities, making it challenging to pick, and although there are several OnlyFans alternatives, each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Sites like Onlyfans: Huge List of Onlyfans Alternatives:

  1. Friendsonly
  2. Flirt101
  3. xModel by
  4. Selling Feet Pics on FeetFinder
  5. CLIQ
  6. iFans
  8. Scrile connect
  9. Fancanto
  10. ManyVids
  11. LoyalFans
  12. Friendly
  13. ModelHub

Top 7 OnlyFans Alternatives in 2022

1. An Onlyfans Alternative —

Most Onlyfans creators are always searching for a platform to share their content and get more fans, but Friendsonly is a platform that promises discoverability. You focus on the content alone. Your payment is processed at a fast pace. It gives you an adult TikTok experience with a subscription-based business model. So, what are you waiting for?

Sign-up as a creator in Friendsonly here.

2. Join Flirt101

Flirt101 is one of the best and potential Onlyfans alternatives where you can make money by charging a membership fee like Onlyfans but also make money through having phone sex and phone sexting with your fans and let them pay you for every minute you have sext with them.

You can join Flirt101 here: Join Flirt101 as a Creator

3. xModel by

xModel is an Onlyfans alternative that provides customized solutions to Onlyfans creators to start making money with 0% commission. All you need to do is buy their one-time license, and you get 100% of the money for your lifetime. In xModel, creators can make money by selling their subscriptions, selling their custom content as pay-per-view, making money selling their merchandise, and you can also go for live streaming or camming.

Onlyfans doesn’t give you discoverability or exposure to your content; you are the one bringing users, and they can suspend your account any time. This is why you can run a sustainable brand on xModel as an adult content creator.

4. Sell Feet Pics on FeetFinder:

FeetFinder is an amazing website where feet sellers can make money and can get discovered very easily. You can make money on FeetFinder in two ways; first, you can make money on FeetFinder by uploading your feet pics and making Feet albums. Feet Albums could be bought multiple times. You can also make money on FeetFinder by creating a fan page and getting paying subscribers. FeetFinder is the №1 website for feet sellers to make money. Join FeetFinder here as a creator.

5. CLIQ:

Cliq is a new Onlyfans alternative or a site like Onlyfans where you can make money as a creator by running subscriptions. They also have features like paid phone calls and text messages. Its mission is to build a more adult-friendly platform, both for creators as well as fans.

Following are some of the silent features of CLIQ:

  • They are free to join, and you receive 85% of your revenue for the first 12 months.
  • They have all the features that Onlfans have, like running Paid subscriptions, PPVs, mass messages, and more options.
  • They give a 3% referral bonus to creators for a lifetime.
  • They have great customer support.

Join here on Cliq as a Creator

6. Megacams:

Do you know that adult content creators make the most money by selling their custom videos and not through subscriptions? This is where Megacams help you build a business around your adult content.

Megacams is a potential Onlyfans alternative that provides a solution for adult content creators to create a page where they can sell their content successfully. You can sell your videos and pictures on Megacams.

One unique thing that differentiates Megacams from the rest of the alternatives is that they have a system to help you discover by hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Megacams charges you a 40% commission, but they help you with marketing irrespective of platforms like Onlyfans, where you have to do all these things yourself.

You can also charge for chatting or sexting with your fans, an option that is not available on Onlyfans. Join Megacams here

7. iFans:

One of the most unique creator platforms that allow content creators to earn even more money is iFans. Any time you @mention, another creator on iFans, you get half of all the new fans’ payments to that creator! That includes subscriptions and tips.

When you get new fans through this method, you can see which creators referred the fans, giving you the ability to maximize your ‘Share-for-Share’ (Also known as “SFS,” or “S4S”) efforts.

Picture this: You @tag another creator on iFans, and they do the same for you. This mutual shoutout gives you both the ability to gain new fans through each other’s audience.

This is a very popular way that content creators grow their fanbase. Now imagine you do this with 5 other content creators in 1 day. With iFans, you’ll be able to tell which shoutouts your new fans came from.

So if you got 15 new fans from Creator A, while the other 4 creators’ posts don’t even add up to 15 new fans, you’d know that the SFS with Creator “A” was the most effective.

Going forward, you’ll know that doing more SFS with creator A makes more sense! This powerful feature helps you grow your earnings up to 2–3x faster than with OnlyFans and is found nowhere else!

Whether it’s on Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, etc.. anyone who brings a fan to a creator will also receive half of all payments that fan makes to that creator! All of these features give a massive incentive for accelerated fan growth! You can Join iFans as a creator here: Join iFans

8. Scrile Connect:

If you want to go for a potential Onlyfans alternative where you don’t need to worry about the ban on your adult content, Scrile connects the best platform that could offer you such a solution.

You can build an independent empire for yourself using this platform. In Onlyfans, you are the one who brings viewership or fans to their platform, and they still charge you 20% of every transaction; Scrile Connect charges you 0% of the transaction.

They have all the options for you, like letting people tip for you, going for a live-audio call on a Pay-per-minute basis, and live to broadcast. So you have every opportunity that Onlyfans provides you but with more security. You can check out the platform here with a 14-days free trial.

9. A site like Onlyfans

Fanpage dot TV is one of the best sites like Onlyfans, where you can live stream with the subscribers, send bulk private messages, and get 80% of the commission with fast weekly payouts. They also have a service to let you get a custom domain for a very limited price. Getting a custom domain means you can build your own brand right using the infrastructure of Fanpage.

On Fanpage, you have the choice to make your post available for paying subscribers or make it free. It is one of the competitive advantages of Fanpage over Onlyfans.

You can join Fanpage here.

10. ManyVids

ManyVids offers live broadcasting and streaming video services and bills as its own “one-stop-shop” for your fans. The only location where information may be shared is on the website. ManyVids is an adult platform where only members can offer specific movies, tangible products, subscriptions, and real camming facilities. Payment is made twice per month.


  • Provides a variety of alternatives for promoting your work.
  • Creates unique initiatives such as MV Crush Club, MV Live, and MV Social.
  • A website that caters primarily to adults
  • There are numerous types of fetishes.
  • Trustworthy customer care
  • A perfect reply for recommendations


  • Payment for a variety of tasks
  • Payments are paid every two months
  • It is tough to register users
  • Persuasive marketing and emailing advertisements

11. Loyal fans

LoyalFans offers monthly memberships to content providers, and there are several alternatives for putting your work on the platform. You may post text, images, videos, GIFs, and audio content, and fans can get anything through SMS for a fee. In addition, artists earn 80% of all sales, with payments made twice monthly.


  • Producers have access to various essential resources and influencers’ training opportunities, making it incredibly user-friendly.
  • A well-kept website with new capabilities, including live broadcasting.
  • A recommendation program with a 5% incentive on transactions is available.


  • There are fewer alternatives and methods for exchanging and selling information.
  • Payments are made twice a month.

12. Fanvue:

Fanvue is a UK Based company making the subscription business easy for adult content creators. They are one of the best Onlyfans alternatives where you can start a subscription-based fan page and make money. One of the good things about Fanvue is they charge you 15% service charges for the first 12 months. You get a payout in less than minutes, while in Onlyfans, you had to wait for 4 to 5 days.

The developers behind Fanvue are pros; if you request a feature, it will be available to you in less than a few days. They make the site easy to navigate and protect your identity and personal data.

Sign-up for Fanvue here.


ModelHub is PornHub’s Fanclub section, offering various methods to earn money, such as ad revenue, movies, and customized pictures. They also provide advertising and marketing for their clients. They offer 65% rewards on video and customized video purchasing, 80% on Fanclub material, and recommendations and reimbursements are given monthly, with a $100 minimal limit.


  • It has a lot of traffic.
  • There are several alternatives and methods for promoting and making a good living.
  • The modeling referral program compensates you with a one-time compensation of $50 for every celebrity you recommend.


  • Payouts are now more restricted.
  • Payment is made once a month.

PS: Onlyfans alternatives: Sites like Onlyfans for content creators

If none of the businesses on this list attracts you, you may create your unique website and receive 100% income. It is also straightforward to develop and manage a website nowadays.

There are many websites where you can host your content and sell your adult content. You can choose any of the platforms and be happy that these platforms are the ones where you can freely and without worrying about anything start creating content.

On some of the sites like Onlyfans we have mentioned, you have a fully Onlyfans-like experience. In contrast, you can pay to develop a fully functional, independent adult-based subscription platform that you own only on other sites.

You won’t have to worry about altering partnership conditions, constraining your inventiveness, or having significant proportions deducted from your revenue. You may have a website up and running in a few days, complete with a subscription model and your items for sale. Everything is in one spot.